Action Clock Fourth Generation (gen4)

If your clock has dials on the side you're in the right place!

If your clock has a NES Nintendo controller, sliding or magnetic doors/closure you're should be here instead!

Fourth Generation Action Clock User Overview:

Please use the charger that came with your clock to charge your action clock.

If for whatever reason that is not possible please let us know! It's possible other chargers will damage the clock. The battery is charged with 12v input. The battery then powers the electronics that run the clock with 5v.

Going handheld? Hold the Handles!

Using the handles while on the go with your action clock:

  • Helps to avoids accidentally covering part of the screen with your hands

  • Makes for a stronger pose when photographed.

  • Helps avoid accidentally turning the dials (also period

Quick Tips:

  1. Keep battery charged

  2. Select the correct Lifeline - or - input a customized message

  3. Update regularly via wifi connection


The clock can be installed while still plugged in, or taken into the streets or other mobile events using battery power. Be sure to re-charge it overnight before all actions. This should give you at least 2 hours of battery charge, and maybe as much as 5.

POWER ON + BRIGHTNESS (Bottom knob) -

TURN knob clockwise to turn clock display on and adjust brightness. Full brightness is recommended. Be sure to power off clock when not in use.


TURN the top knob clockwise to select a Lifeline. Current Lifelines include:

  • Renewable Energy

  • Indigenous Land Sovereignty

  • Loss & Damage Financing

  • Gender Parity

  • Fossil Fuel Divestment

  • Climate Anxiety & Mental Health

  • you can also set it to “auto cycle” through all the lifelines (see “Settings” menu below)


This scrolling Lifeline can be left on when the clock is in public spaces. It highlights the latest news and updates on climate solutions progress and climate justice victories across the world.


PRESS in the top knob inwards (you will hear a click) to activate the “Settings” menu. Then turn the knob clockwise to scroll downwards until you reach the “Custom Message” option and PRESS again. You will find the message interface (“abc ABC”) where you can scroll back and forth (by TURNING the top knob) and then select any option you choose by PRESSING the button, to spell out a custom message. When you are satisfied, select the ✓ check mark to return to the “settings” screen, then PRESS “Back” to exit. Then use the top knob to select your new lifeline. Note: The display will fit about 30-35 characters in a single static screen. Any message this is longer will automatically animate and scroll horizontally.

SETTINGS: (Top Knob)

PUSH in the top knob inwards (you will hear a click) to activate the “Settings” screen.

WIFI: (Top Knob)

The clock can operate independently without being connected to the Internet. However, updating your clock with additional Lifelines or the latest Newsfeed of Hope requires periodic connection. PUSH in the top knob inwards (you will hear a click) to activate the “Settings” screen. Then turn the knob clockwise to scroll downwards until you reach the ‘Wi-fi” option.


The clock is versatile: it can be hand-held, stationed on a speaker's podium, or mounted on a tripod. Each clock has a standard tripod attachment (threaded socket) on its underside to turn it into a hands free, free-standing installation. Tripod mounting is great for public gatherings, stages, or talks. A standard camera tripod should work fine. A small table-top tripod is included.

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