Update your clock

If your clock's display does not have fonts and colors that match the Climate Clock's display in the image above you need to update your clock with the instructions below!

If it does match you can skip to "Step 8," highlighted in green below, to make sure you're synced up and ready for July 22's Climate Emergency Day!

Remove the SD card from the Raspberry Pi (see image below and video here if needed, the SD card is on the bottom of the green board.)

  1. Use a computer that has a micro SD Card reader (or have a micro SD card reader you can use with the computer.)

  2. Install the program BalenaEtcher on your computer. Download the program here.

  3. Download one of the files under "Clock Update Downloads" below to the computer. (Please note these are large files, 2-4GB)

  4. Using BalenaEtcher, write the file to the micro SD Card

  5. Open up the back of the clock

  6. Return the SD card to its slot (see image below and video here if needed)

  7. Check that the display now reads “7 years, 1xx days...”

8. Last Step: Be sure to check that you're in sync!

After updating be sure to check if you're clock's deadline matches the one at the top of our website at ClimateClock.world. If not you'll need to provide it with internet access so it can get synced with our API.

Sync your clock with an ethernet cable:

Turn your clock off and then connect your clock's mini-computer with an Ethernet cable to a router or modem with internet access. Turn your clock back on and after a minute or so you should see the time on the clock update to match the website.

Tip: If you don't have a spare ethernet cable, but you have a home setup with a wireless router and a modem then the two will be connected with an ethernet cable by which the modem supplies the router with internet access. You can temporarily disconnect the ethernet cable from the router and plug it into the climate clock (of course replace it when you're done 🤓)!

Clock Update Downloads:

Choose your lifeline to display:

  • All lifelines: cclock.org/update (English) With the gamepad attached you will be able to switch lifelines, it will default to the "Renewable Energy Lifeline."

  • #JustLookUp: cclock.org/JLUP

  • Indigenous Sovereignty Lifeline (Portuguese) Please note these are large files up to 4GB.

The arrow is pointing to the Raspberry pi in the picture below, and the display shows

The image shows a clock displaying an outdated version of the Climate Clock OS, if your clock's font and colors match the above it's time for the software update above!

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