Manual Software Update on 4th gen Action Clock

Your 4th gen. action clock should automatically update it's software if the wifi is connected to internet. But this is the process to manually update to the latest or custom software if it has not.

  1. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew plexiglass

  2. Carefully pull the black "Matrix Portal" board (with the rainbow "pride" wires coming out of it) off the velcro of the "roof" of the clock. (see pic)

  1. Plug your usb cable into the usb-c port on that board. (the white wire in the picture above) and plug the other end into your computer.

  2. Now the LED that's red in the picture above is probably purple. We need to get it to be red which will indicate the flash drive on the board is in a "read/writable" state by the computer. Next to the USB-C port are three buttons. (above where the white wire is connected in the picture). The top one is labeled "reset" the other two are "up" and "down" respectively. Click the "reset" button once then hold down either the up or down button until the light comes up red. If it comes up purple please try again.

  3. Open the "CIRCUITPY" or "MATRIXBOOT" usb drive you should see on your computer. Delete all of the current contents.

  4. Download and unzip the latest Clock OS version below on your computer. Locate a file named "Firmware.uf2" and drag/copy-paste that in the drive you emptied. The drive may disconnect and will reappear as "CIRCUITPY" if it was not already.

  5. Now open the "CIRCUITPY V5 RBG" folder and drag or copy/paste ALL the contents of the folder into the "CIRCUITPY" drive.

  6. Unplug, turn the power dial on. When your clock starts up "ClimateClock.World" should be green. If it is blue then you'll need to repeat step 7 using the CIRCUITPY V5 RGB" instead this time.

  7. You're done! Take your portable Action Clock out and make sure everyone knows about our window of hope to #ActInTime!


When your clock starts up "ClimateClock.World" should be green. Or if you go into the menu the "carrot" indicator arrow should also be green.) See Step 8.

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